Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happiness :)

Brandie inspires me often, and since she and Ashley posted what makes them happy, I decided to do the same! Although I am NOT loving many things right now (Grad School). I am making my list of things I am loving :)

1. My new floors! They are almost completed, and the disaster of a house that I am living in can go back to normal, and semi- disasterish :) A HUGE thanks to my sweet dad for installing the floors. They look amazing!- Pictures to come!

2. Diet Coke...It is a terrible addiction, and no matter how many times I try to stop, I go back, because, I LOVE IT!!!

3. My birthday items I bought myself with my birthday money. A new purse, a cool leaf bowl for my coffee table, and a new rug that was only 29 dollars! I think that is why I love it so much!

4. My Erin Condren Teacher Planner. The next time I get one, I also want the life planner. I LOVE TO PLAN :) Is she expensive, yes. Is it worth it, YES! A million times over. It is the best tool for my classroom and keeping me organized.

5. My Sweet Manolo and Momma's boy Wicked. They are so excited to see me in the afternoon, and I love taking manolo out for walks on these nice afternoons! Soon it will be cold, and he won't want to go outside. He is just like me! We don't like cold weather. Also, they have coordinating, Alabama and houndstooth collars. They look adorable, and Yes, when I have kids, the kids will also have coordinating outfits. I can't help it.

6.The new T.V. show revenge. It is simply amazing. I didn't think I would like it, but now it is my favorite.

7. My favorite football team is WINNING :) Yes I love football and Yes I love to win! ROLL TIDE

8. PINTEREST!!!! Hello, if you are not on there, you do not know how amazing it is. I LOVE it!

9. My new recycling bin. It was only 20 dollars for the whole year and they pick it up every Wednesday. I have been waiting for this for SO LONG!

10. All of the new wonderful teaching blogs that I have found, or the ladies that have found me. I am loving the resources and the input from people that aren't in my school.

Now it's your turn, what makes YOU happy?

Messy Manolo playing while Grampie put the floor down.

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