Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fourth of July!

This fourth of July, me parents were coming in from Vacation, so Katelyn and I decided to just have a little dinner at her house. We made some food, and Chris cooked out and we had the usual Finnegan/Warren dinner. We had a really good time and celebrated the fourth with the families.

 I, of course, loved having the babies there. (Even though Cam isnt much of a baby anymore) They had already had a really long day, but Kyle and Brandie still brought them on their way down from Atlanta. (Which was SO nice :)) Even though it had been a long day, the kids were SO great and in a wonderful mood. They have the sweetest little ones! I spent a lot of time loving on Ezra! (Baby laughs are the best sounds ever)
I love this little man :)

Then I laughed hysterically at Cambria taking her own picture. She would cheese it up, take the picture, look at it, and then laugh at herself :)

I could not stop taking pictures of her! She was SO funny :)

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  1. What a silly little girl she was being! Boy does she love that camera, there's like over 30 "self portrait" shots of herself on it. haha And you got some great shots too, Erin!! ;)