Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ladybug Love

At some point in the last couple months, Kandace (one of the lovely ladies I work with) found a coupon for free lady bugs in our science kits. It had almost expired, so we said what the heck, might as well send it off and see what "free ladybugs" entails. Well, when Whitney (another lovely lady I work with) brought me the box that said "live organisms" I knew we were in for something interesting.
Here is the box the ladybugs came in. You can also see my very organized desk under the box :)
When I opened the box, there were three containers of lady bugs. Each container had 100 bugs in it. Apparently I was supposed to put the ladybugs in the fridge to get them to calm down to put them in their new habitat. Honestly, that kinda scared me because I was afraid they would die, but turns out it worked and I got them into their new habitat safely.

Here are the ladybugs in the container and my classroom in the background.

Ladybug Habitat
I had the kids help me find things for the habitat. They loved their class pet. The ladybugs ate moistened raisins. They loved their habitat and it was really neat to see them flying all over the place.

After about a week, some of the ladybugs started dying so we decided to let them free in Kandace's garden. So far, I've had fish and ladybugs as class pets, maybe next year I will venture on to another pet :)


  1. I had a rabbit my first year......way too much work!!!! :)

  2. I have to admit, I've never liked ladybugs, but this looks pretty fun! The BEST teachers are the ones who have pets ;D

  3. love it erin! Widen your horizons or whatever people say! :)

  4. Very cool activity for the kids! And the fact that they were free makes it even better :)

  5. Devon i could Never have a rabbit! I was trying to think of something i could bring home that the cat wouldnt want to eat...One of our teachers has hermit crabs, and i am thinking that might be my next adventure.

    Brandie..i have to admit, the ladybugs freaked me out a little when i had to put them in their habitiat, but everything turned out well!

    Ashley and Sara, The kids did love it! It was nice to see them squeal and gille over them every day!