Sunday, May 15, 2011

From old to new

I do not like to waste. Food, scrapbook scraps, fabric, and basically anything in general. I honestly think it comes from my Italian roots, where if there is food on your plate, you eat it.... As for the random crap that I collect, I try to make sure there is a use for it before I save it. (otherwise it gets recycled) The latest "junk" I've been keeping are the little containers that Manolo's food comes in. At first, I was going to recycle them, but then i had enough for my class to use in a project :) so therefore it wasn't a waste...i digress...

At some point my mother was getting rid of these two frames. UGLY...there was a reason she was getting rid of them. They were outdated paintings that we had YEARS ago. I think mom gave them to us to sell at some garage sale a long time ago. They never sold (because they were ugly) so I kept them in my garage where pretty much everything goes... (hopefully that will be a future blog post-cleaning the garage)

At some point when I was in the garage looking for Christmas stuff, I came across the frames and decided that I was sure I could do something with them. My original intent was to put some of Katelyn's wedding pictures in them, but after looking through the pictures, I couldnt decide and really didn't want to choose just two to put in the frames.

Without knowing what I was going to put in them, I went ahead and decided to paint them. My kitchen and living room colors are black, white, and red. All frames are black or silver. I am not much of a brown fan, so black it was. I sanded some of the rough edges, painted them black, and cleaned them up. I went to the Hobby Lobby and got 2 mats for the frames on sale of course. I chose a basic white and started to search for my pictures for the frames.

I have pictures of my friends, family, and Godson all over my house so I settled on a baby picture of Manolo and Wicked. They are both adorable pictures that I took so it made the project make sense. Overall, the project cost me about 6 bucks because I had the paint from a previous project. If you can ever get cheap picture frames at a garage sale, or someone you know is getting rid of them, I highly reccomend you take them! You can make them into something beautiful :)

Baby Wicked

Baby Manolo

Both Frames on my wall at my house :)

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