Monday, May 16, 2011

Meatless Monday

Since being a vegetarian for lent, I have eaten WAY less meat. I now can't look at a burger the same way...and they taste pretty nasty to me now. I have decided to have Meatless Mondays. I like the idea of making myself try new things and I can use them to blog :)

Tonight I made a corn, and black bean filled tortilla. I use whole wheat tortillas, black beans, corn, salsa, and a little cheddar cheese.

 I ate one tortilla and was so full! It was really filling, SO easy, and yummy!

Until the next Meatless Monday...Enjoy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

From old to new

I do not like to waste. Food, scrapbook scraps, fabric, and basically anything in general. I honestly think it comes from my Italian roots, where if there is food on your plate, you eat it.... As for the random crap that I collect, I try to make sure there is a use for it before I save it. (otherwise it gets recycled) The latest "junk" I've been keeping are the little containers that Manolo's food comes in. At first, I was going to recycle them, but then i had enough for my class to use in a project :) so therefore it wasn't a waste...i digress...

At some point my mother was getting rid of these two frames. UGLY...there was a reason she was getting rid of them. They were outdated paintings that we had YEARS ago. I think mom gave them to us to sell at some garage sale a long time ago. They never sold (because they were ugly) so I kept them in my garage where pretty much everything goes... (hopefully that will be a future blog post-cleaning the garage)

At some point when I was in the garage looking for Christmas stuff, I came across the frames and decided that I was sure I could do something with them. My original intent was to put some of Katelyn's wedding pictures in them, but after looking through the pictures, I couldnt decide and really didn't want to choose just two to put in the frames.

Without knowing what I was going to put in them, I went ahead and decided to paint them. My kitchen and living room colors are black, white, and red. All frames are black or silver. I am not much of a brown fan, so black it was. I sanded some of the rough edges, painted them black, and cleaned them up. I went to the Hobby Lobby and got 2 mats for the frames on sale of course. I chose a basic white and started to search for my pictures for the frames.

I have pictures of my friends, family, and Godson all over my house so I settled on a baby picture of Manolo and Wicked. They are both adorable pictures that I took so it made the project make sense. Overall, the project cost me about 6 bucks because I had the paint from a previous project. If you can ever get cheap picture frames at a garage sale, or someone you know is getting rid of them, I highly reccomend you take them! You can make them into something beautiful :)

Baby Wicked

Baby Manolo

Both Frames on my wall at my house :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here is Easter in Pictures...well some of it... :)

Wicked and Manolo's Easter bunny surprises.

Wicked playing with his toys.

The three best friends that anyone could have :)

Noles loves his new toy.

Coops hanging out!
As you can see, I didnt get one picture of our family on Easter. We honestly didnt even think about it. I guess that will be my goal for next year!

The Bug Man

When the bug man comes over the boys have to get in their box. I took a picture this time because I think they are adorable. They are so funny, the whole time he is here, they sit quietly until he is finished. I love my boys!

Ladybug Love

At some point in the last couple months, Kandace (one of the lovely ladies I work with) found a coupon for free lady bugs in our science kits. It had almost expired, so we said what the heck, might as well send it off and see what "free ladybugs" entails. Well, when Whitney (another lovely lady I work with) brought me the box that said "live organisms" I knew we were in for something interesting.
Here is the box the ladybugs came in. You can also see my very organized desk under the box :)
When I opened the box, there were three containers of lady bugs. Each container had 100 bugs in it. Apparently I was supposed to put the ladybugs in the fridge to get them to calm down to put them in their new habitat. Honestly, that kinda scared me because I was afraid they would die, but turns out it worked and I got them into their new habitat safely.

Here are the ladybugs in the container and my classroom in the background.

Ladybug Habitat
I had the kids help me find things for the habitat. They loved their class pet. The ladybugs ate moistened raisins. They loved their habitat and it was really neat to see them flying all over the place.

After about a week, some of the ladybugs started dying so we decided to let them free in Kandace's garden. So far, I've had fish and ladybugs as class pets, maybe next year I will venture on to another pet :)