Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newest Adventure

My new "thing" (I have too many) is couponing. Some people get it, some people don't. I was a non believer until I had no money, nothing in my pantry, and several baby and wedding presents to buy. It started off with just a few coupons, then I found Southern Savers (thanks Whitney for the idea) and off I went. Once I started, I cant imagine shopping any other way. I save so much money, and why pay full price if you dont have too! Now I dont over shop (much) and I am not that person that buys all 100 boxes of pasta, but i do buy a good amount that will last me a while.

On my last adventure I took Sara and she pushed the cart while I shopped and stacked coupons. I did buy her a few thinngs that were on sale with no coupons and some cookies for my students. Everything else had a coupon besides the produce. I learned two things that day, hungry college kids cost you money :), and it was much easier with another person there.  Sara convinced me to take a picture and write a blog post about my savings so here it is! I spent about 100 dollars annd saved over 150. It takes some planning, and you may not get EVERYTHING you need, but if you keep shopping every couple weeks, you won't run out of anything!

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