Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Most of you that know me, know I am pretty original when it comes to decorating. Whatever I like is what I am going to put up, and it really doesn't matter because I'm the only one that lives in my house :)  My first and Christmas tree is one I've had for a couple years. I keep adding to it, it has certain colors so I am picky about which ornaments get to hang on it! My 7.5 foot Christmas tree is green with lime green, pink, purple, silver, and turquoise ornaments. Those are my favorite colors and luckily they work together nicely!

 This is a close up of some of the ornaments on this tree. My grandmother (my dad's mom) used to make these ornaments when we were little and as i got older and she passed away I learned from my aunts how to make the ornaments. They are VERY hard but luckily I have the newest scrapbook items to help me out. The ornament I am talking about is the turquoise and white ball hanging by the turquoise poinsettia. The next time I make one, I will upload the "how to"
 This tree used to be my "shoe" tree. I decided to make it into my Roll Tide Alabama tree! My mother's best friend gave me some more Alabama ornaments so it should look more full next year!
 Last but not least is my new large white tree. It didn't photograph too well as a whole, so I took pictures of the ornaments as close ups and the topper. This is my NYC/Shoe tree. I decided that to me that is what New York City means. I have MANY shoe ornaments, taxi cabs, I love new york t-shirts, and big apple ornaments. New York city to me is Starbucks, parades, sky scrapers, culture, beauty and fun. I love that place, and if I could I would move there! Until then, I will be visiting soon!

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