Monday, December 20, 2010

Made with Love

This year I got this genius idea to make all my Christmas Cards.  It took FOREVER and Wicked decided that he loved playing with the ribbon, so that made the process even longer, BUT it turned out great and I was very pleased with my decision to make them. It felt great knowing that I took the time to hand pick and write every card to my friends and family. Next year I will have it planned better. these were not the look that I had in mind, but luckily they turned out cute and I love them all! I got to use my cricuit that my grandmother gave me, and I was happy that she finally got to see what it does! I used 2 packs of Christmas paper and lots of ribbon and brads, but the ribbon I got from a discount store so it wasn't too expensive. I wished I had taken pictures of the process but it was too hard to do that and make them at the same time. Here are the finished cards!


  1. Your cards were beautiful and I LOVE the snowman bells that you made! Charlotte and I are going to make some next year! Thanks for sharing all your crafty ideas!

  2. Thank you, that is so sweet!