Saturday, October 9, 2010

Katelyn's Shower

For Katelyn's shower, I decided that I wanted a Mad Hatter's theme. I love themes, and Katelyn pretty much loves everything, so it was easy to please her. Lucky for me, two of my cousins, both named Miranda, took plenty of pictures for me to post my lovely party. Thanks to them, we have lots of pictures! That is the one thing I hate about hosting, you can never take enough pictures!

I used red roses, playing cards, and signs to make the centerpieces. I also used oversized tea cups and a tea pot to keep the roses in. Everything turned out so cute!
The party favor boxes were made to look like Mad Hatter's hats. Miranda shows them off so well :)

I decorated the outside of the house with pink flamingoes and oversized playing cards.
Anna is modeling the hat that Erin L. made! The hat was adorable :) I have such talented friends!
I was so grateful that everything pulled together so nicely, and so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family who made things and helped make the party such a sucess!

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