Friday, December 24, 2010


Short post, just wanted to show how I made my tags for the presents I gave this year. I used the Cricut to make everyone's monogram. It turned out really cute, and I will probably do this again! I also saved a lot of money by not using the sticky tags.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorations

I saw this idea in the Scrapbooks etc magazine and kinda had to figure out myself how it was done. I thought this would be a good gift for my grandmother and step grandmother, because after all, what do you get your grandmother who has everything? I also made a set for myself and my mother because we are both obsessed with Christmas decorations. To start you need three Styrofoam tree shapes, any size you want, hot glue, scrapbook paper, a cutter, and decorative cutting scissors. You start by cutting the scrapbook paper into one inch strips.

Then you cut those strips into smaller 2.5 inch strips. Then you use the decorative cutting scissors and cut one side just to make it look cute.

Then you wrap the small strips around a pencil so that it flares out.

Last you start at the bottom of the Styrofoam tree and hot glue the strips on.

Eventually you get into a rhythm and it turns out to be a cute tree!

The tree in the magazine had brads and buttons on them, but I thought my paper was busy enough so I didn't put those things on them, but it is another way to make them stand out more! Here are the different sets I made!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Made with Love

This year I got this genius idea to make all my Christmas Cards.  It took FOREVER and Wicked decided that he loved playing with the ribbon, so that made the process even longer, BUT it turned out great and I was very pleased with my decision to make them. It felt great knowing that I took the time to hand pick and write every card to my friends and family. Next year I will have it planned better. these were not the look that I had in mind, but luckily they turned out cute and I love them all! I got to use my cricuit that my grandmother gave me, and I was happy that she finally got to see what it does! I used 2 packs of Christmas paper and lots of ribbon and brads, but the ribbon I got from a discount store so it wasn't too expensive. I wished I had taken pictures of the process but it was too hard to do that and make them at the same time. Here are the finished cards!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowman Ornaments

At school we have a committee called the spirit committee. We try to do nice things to get people happy and keep people happy at school. One thing I like to do is make ornaments for the people in the school. Last year I made coke cans into apple ornaments. This year i decided to try snowmen. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but thankfully everything came out great! I started with jingle bells. I make a very weird contraption to hang them on so i could spray paint them. This was the hardest part of the process. Everything else was super easy.
Close up of the jingle bells being painted.

After I painted the bells,  I added the faces with paint pens. Black for the eyes and mouth, and orange for the nose. Then I cut small ribbons for the tops of the ear muffs. I glued those on with hot glue. After that, I matched the puff balls by color and glued them on with hot glue as well. I attached ornament hooks, but for most of them you didn't need them. They turned out really cute and I was pretty proud of myself :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Most of you that know me, know I am pretty original when it comes to decorating. Whatever I like is what I am going to put up, and it really doesn't matter because I'm the only one that lives in my house :)  My first and Christmas tree is one I've had for a couple years. I keep adding to it, it has certain colors so I am picky about which ornaments get to hang on it! My 7.5 foot Christmas tree is green with lime green, pink, purple, silver, and turquoise ornaments. Those are my favorite colors and luckily they work together nicely!

 This is a close up of some of the ornaments on this tree. My grandmother (my dad's mom) used to make these ornaments when we were little and as i got older and she passed away I learned from my aunts how to make the ornaments. They are VERY hard but luckily I have the newest scrapbook items to help me out. The ornament I am talking about is the turquoise and white ball hanging by the turquoise poinsettia. The next time I make one, I will upload the "how to"
 This tree used to be my "shoe" tree. I decided to make it into my Roll Tide Alabama tree! My mother's best friend gave me some more Alabama ornaments so it should look more full next year!
 Last but not least is my new large white tree. It didn't photograph too well as a whole, so I took pictures of the ornaments as close ups and the topper. This is my NYC/Shoe tree. I decided that to me that is what New York City means. I have MANY shoe ornaments, taxi cabs, I love new york t-shirts, and big apple ornaments. New York city to me is Starbucks, parades, sky scrapers, culture, beauty and fun. I love that place, and if I could I would move there! Until then, I will be visiting soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas at Grammie and Grampie's House

I started decorating my parent's house before mine with help from Katelyn and Katie, and although I didn't take many pictures of her decorations I did take pictures of my adorable sons! Wicked and Manolo love tree skirts and I only have one at my house so they are very glad they get to hang out under Grammie's trees with her nice tree skirt.
This tree wasn't quite finished but Wicked and Bama decided it would be a good idea to find a place to rest.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Randi's Baby Shower

Working in a school setting, you are eventually going to throw several wedding and baby showers. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure of meeting Randi this year and we became fast friends. She is the epitome of a sweet southern girl and now an amazing mother! Before baby Channing came along, the first grade team threw her a baby shower. For this shower we used baby boy greens, browns, and blues. I handmade all of the sticks for the cupcakes and the decorations for the centerpieces.
The tags have Channing's initials on them and zoo animals on the back. I used the same thing for the sticks on the cupcakes.
Randi got some really great things for Channing and her family was able to come to the shower. He is a very lucky boy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Katelyn's Shower

For Katelyn's shower, I decided that I wanted a Mad Hatter's theme. I love themes, and Katelyn pretty much loves everything, so it was easy to please her. Lucky for me, two of my cousins, both named Miranda, took plenty of pictures for me to post my lovely party. Thanks to them, we have lots of pictures! That is the one thing I hate about hosting, you can never take enough pictures!

I used red roses, playing cards, and signs to make the centerpieces. I also used oversized tea cups and a tea pot to keep the roses in. Everything turned out so cute!
The party favor boxes were made to look like Mad Hatter's hats. Miranda shows them off so well :)

I decorated the outside of the house with pink flamingoes and oversized playing cards.
Anna is modeling the hat that Erin L. made! The hat was adorable :) I have such talented friends!
I was so grateful that everything pulled together so nicely, and so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family who made things and helped make the party such a sucess!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Everything Erin :)

I am very excited to share with my friends and family "Everything Erin". I will be posting all of my house decorating endeavors, crafts, scrapbook layouts, recipes and SO much more! Happy Reading!!!